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Premium Wool Fertilizer
The Natural Choice

Wool Fertilizer is just one more step to closing the loop on sustainability and providing environmentally responsible choices for you.  300g bag / $10

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The Science

  • Regulates moisture like a natural sponge.  Wool absorbs up to 30% of its weight in water allowing it to retain water when its too wet and release it when its too dry.  

  • 9-0-2 Nitrogen-Photassium-Phosphorus (N-P-K) slow release fertilizer

  • Will not burn plants like synthetic or chemical products 

  • Improves soil porosity, aeration and encourages beneficial microbial growth

  • Petroleum free


Environmentally Responsible

  • 100% Natural Product from a renewable resource 

  • Carbon Sequestration:  50% of the weight of wool is carbon, when used as fertilizer this carbon stays in the ground and helps to prevent climate change

  • No harmful chemicals: Completely SAFE for children, pets and everyone 

  • Water conservation

  • Natural pest control: rodents, snails an slugs do not like wool

  • Locally made = a smaller carbon footprint 

  • Its 100% wool therefore contains no synthetic chemicals


The Economics

  • Less watering = lower water bills

  • Locally made: supports the local economy and a small family run business

  • Derived from a renewable resource

  • No need to buy pesticides

  • A climate friendly choice

  • Contributes to a circular closed loop economy

Academic Publications

How to Use Wool Fertilizer

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