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Our Farm

Buschbeck Farms has operated in Grey County raising lamb since 1987 with one belief; take care of our land and it will take care of us. 

Located in picturesque Grey Highlands, southwest of Collingwood.

We are a fully sustainable family run farm, raising animals from birth and growing all our own feed. 


The result: the healthiest, highest quality lamb possible.

Sheep grazing in front of the barn
Sheep grazing in the morning mist

What We Believe

To Bring Only the Healthiest, Naturally Raised Lamb to your Table

By using sheep suited to our climate, environmental stress is reduced.  All feeds are grown locally on our farm. We also provide healthy natural pastures.  By offering ample space the need for antibiotics is virtually eliminated.   We will not add hormones or growth stimulants of any kind ever.  


Ethical Animal Care & 

Sustainable Land Stewardship

We are certified by Global Animal Partnership (GAP) and are members of Ontario Sheep & Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA).

We proudly practice Regenerative Agriculture keeping our environmental footprint small.


Support Local Farmers & Community

We believe that the best products are made locally, by like minded folks who care about responsible farming. 

We also shop local.

Sheep looking into the camera

How Our Animals are Raised

  • Using Regenerative Agricultural Priactices

  • Ethically & Sustainably

  • On Pasture

  • Grass Fed

  • Hormone & Antibiotic Free

  • with our own homegrown GMO Free Feed

  • with 100% traceability

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